Antenna Cage for Cine RT Ranger / Tracker Handset

*Important *

There are very slight variations in the bodies of the CineRT ‘Ranger/Tracker Handset’ units.

To accommodate this, our ‘Handset Antenna Cage’ is printed as a pair of two cages, which are

identical except for the position of the mounting point.

Carefully separate the two cages and remove any remaining sprue material.

Then simply choose which cage best fits your particular Handset body.






To fit this cage, you will need to replace the handset’s top left hand side screw (as seen from the rear) with a slightly longer one.

The socket head (Allen) cap screw needs to be an M3 x 25mm

In the UK, I have found Westfield Fasteners a good reliable source for these screws.

Cage is available in 7 colours